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My personal path led me gradually towards natural health for myself and my family, and then I became a naturopath.

I offer consultations for individual support to take care of oneself and strive for optimal health filled with vitality, joy and energy.

I also offer courses and stays for well-being and health: fasting courses, living foods, natural health stays. A week's break to regenerate and take care of yourself, your health and much more...

I am a Naturopath by passion!

As those who know me know, I am committed to natural health, I live in connection with nature & the elements; and I share this passion on a daily basis with my family.
I am a mother of three daughters and voluntary simplicity led us to travel the Americas for a year and a half with our children, then to settle in the south of Portugal where we live in a yurt and tiny house.

My "naturo" journey has been made progressively through training and above all personal experience and experimentation: food, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, breastfeeding support, mothering, positive communication, naturopathy, fasting support...

It is above all my personal experiences that make me the naturopath I am today.

I am particularly sensitive to the accompaniment of women's health, to the preparation for parenthood, to the accompaniment of pregnancy, breastfeeding and the life of women in general.

My personal experiences with fasting and its benefits on many levels have led me to want to share this, which is why I offer fasting stays in the south of Portugal, in connection with nature for a deep and gentle regeneration. I offer you unique stays as I would like to be accompanied.

I am passionate about food, cooking and cooking and I am keen to share tips and recipes that will bring you vitality and health while being delicious!

I like to say that I am a "Health Gardener", in fact in naturopathy we take care of the ground, we focus on the basic balance of the body in order to support the self-healing forces of the person.

Thus, naturopathy does not cure anyone, it seeks above all to restore the autonomy and vital force necessary for natural physiological functions.

I therefore propose that you carry out a "permaculture design" of your inner terrain and put in place the most appropriate actions for optimal health from all points of view with balance and harmony!

Full health is within everyone's reach...

My mission is to accompany you on this marvellous path to happiness and deep harmony.

I would like to thank all the people who have contributed to this marvellous journey which is mine during yoga, herbalist, aromatherapy, naturopathy, breastfeeding, communication etc... without forgetting all those who have crossed my "road to the essential" and opened up to me, shared a piece of life, and I would like to thank all the people who have trusted me and allowed me to move forward and continue on this path of accompaniment: I would like to thank all the people who have trusted me and who have allowed me to move forward and continue on this path of accompaniment: all of you who have followed Made in Home workshops in Brest and elsewhere in the world, the families and in particular the mothers whose breastfeeding I have had the pleasure of accompanying, all my consultants who share their intentions with me and whose solutions we are looking for to improve their daily lives and vitality.

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