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Fasting is a simple and effective method of regenerating and cleansing the body.
Used since time immemorial by humans and animals in the event of illness or injury, it activates the body's self-healing capacities.

Detox and regeneration

Fasting involves resting the body, and in particular the digestive system, by depriving it of food. It simply involves not eating, generally for a period of several days.

Digestion uses up a lot of energy, so when you stop eating, you save energy and the body will naturally redirect this energy towards other functions, in particular the internal cleansing of the body.
It's a natural process that activates itself automatically, but you need to support it to get the full benefits.

There are several types of fasting (intermittent fasting, water fasting, dry fasting, long fasting) and it is important not to embark on the adventure without a good preparation and information.
As with everything, it's really important to personalise and adapt the type of fast, its duration, preparation and resumption according to your temperament and vitality, but also according to your current physical, physiological and emotional situation.
Get support and information so that you can enjoy a positive and effective experience.

Well supervised to optimise effects

Ideally, fasting should always be well prepared and supervised.
It's important to prepare the body for this food restriction by making a preparation known as a "dietary descent". This consists of gradually withdrawing certain foods so that the body can prepare itself gently (generally, industrial foods are withdrawn if they are still consumed, as well as animal proteins, cereals, etc.).
This preparation phase should be adapted according to your initial diet, your temperament, your state of health and, of course, your vitality. It can be carried out over a period ranging from a few days to a few weeks, depending on your needs and possibilities.
Above all, however, fasting must be followed by a phase known as "eating recovery".
This is the most important phase. It involves slowly resuming eating healthy foods in appropriate quantities, gently and gradually.
This is the most difficult phase because temptations can be great, especially if you are alone and unaccompanied. Emotional support at this stage makes a huge difference. It will be really important to have concrete, practical ideas for putting in place a diet that is full of vitality, so as to preserve and even prolong the benefits of fasting.
Rawfood will of course be well suited to this phase of recovery: raw fruit and vegetables in reasonable quantities.

Immune system

At a time when we are constantly talking about the immune system, which is being undermined in today's society by an inappropriate diet, an intense pace of life and ambient stress, fasting is a marvellous solution for taking preventive care of your health.
Fasting provides an in-depth cleansing of the body by activating and optimising the functioning of the immune system.
By adapting the fasting protocol to your personal situation, we can target the cleansing and offer a real opportunity for regeneration on several levels: physical by cleansing the body and boosting your immunity, and emotional by offering incredible mental clarity.

Fasting for women

As women, we often wonder whether fasting is right for us.
The answer is yes! Fasting is suitable for women and will be very useful for in-depth regeneration.
With the right support, you can fast at almost any age, adapting the protocol to each individual.
The conditions will need to be personalised according to your period of life: fasting will be very useful just before a pregnancy in the pre-conception period. You can also fast after having children, once the children have been weaned and once you have recovered sufficient energy and vitality.
Fasting is also highly recommended in the pre- or post-menopausal phase.
For menstruating women, we can also adapt the fasting conditions according to your menstrual phase.
It is important to take all these factors into account so that fasting is as efficient and comfortable as possible.
This means that the fast can be completely personalised and adapted to your specific situation.


Fasting requires effort and can represent a real psychological challenge for many of us!

What's the big idea of stopping eating?
But once you've fasted with the right support and experienced the profound effects it can have, you'll have the most powerful health tool you'll ever need to move towards self-sufficiency.
It's a path that I invite you to explore gently, with a great deal of respect for yourself and above all in a pleasant setting, with personalised advice.

Fasting is about cleansing and deep regeneration of the physical body...
But that's not all!
We talk about it less, but the effects can also be incredible at a psycho-emotional level.
As the physical body is freed from toxins and the digestive workload is lightened, it is common to experience great mental and emotional clarity.
Fasting won't solve all your problems, of course, but it may help you to see things more clearly so that you can make the right decisions.
Fasting in a natural, well-surrounded setting allows you to reconnect with the natural elements and therefore with your own inner nature.
It's easier to fast in a group in a natural setting than alone in your city flat!
It's more comfortable to be accompanied and reassured at every stage of the fast by a specialised, experienced professional who can guide you.

To start

To start on your own, it's easier and more accessible to experiment with intermittent fasting by cutting out breakfast or dinner.
If you're in good health, you can also try a one-day fast or a one-day diet.
Seek advice to help you get started safely and enjoy the experience.

To sum up...

Find out more and try fasting with guidance and support to get started.
It's a powerful health tool!
Give your body a break for deep regeneration.
Choose a natural, relaxing setting to extend the physical benefits to the psycho-emotional ones.

I can help you with personalised fasting and vitality food courses, as well as individual consultations.
If you can't come and if you wish, I can accompany you remotely for a personalised fast. Daily consultations to take stock, exercises, listening and sharing...

Naturopath, Hygienist, specialising in women's and children's health
Pre-conception, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Children, Teenagers, Puberty, Female cycles, Menopause
Fasting and Rawfood Retreat in Portugal
Remote consultations and in Aljezur, Portugal

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