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About me

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I am a Naturopath by passion!

Committed to natural health, I live in connection with nature and the elements and I share this passion on a daily basis with my family.

After a long journey through the Americas and many adventures leading to more Simplicity, we decided to settle in a green setting in the south of Portugal.

My "naturo" journey has been gradual over the past fifteen years : healthy food, herbalism, aromatherapy, support for breastfeeding, attachment parenting, positive communication ...

It is above all my personal experiences that make the naturopath that I am today.

I am particularly sensitive to support for women's health, preparation for parenthood, support for pregnancy, breastfeeding and the lives of women in general.

My personal experiences of fasting have led me to want to share this with you, which is why I offer fasting retreats in the south of Portugal, in connection with nature for a deep and gentle regeneration.

I am passionate about food and I am keen to share with you tips and recipes that will bring you vitality and health while indulging you!

I like to say that I am "Gardener of Health", in fact in naturopathy we take care of the ground, we focus on the basic balance of the organism in order to support the self-healing forces of the person .

Thus, naturopathy does not cure anyone, we seek to restore autonomy and the vital force necessary for natural physiological functions.

I therefore suggest that you make a permaculture design of your interior land and implement the most appropriate actions for optimal health from all points of view !

Full health is within everyone's reach ...

My mission is to accompany you on this wonderful path to happiness and deep harmony.


Health educator : accompaniment of fasting, purging and rawfood

Naturopath : Collège de Naturopathie Rénovée
(Naturopathy with an important place of the psycho-emotional)

Aromatherapy, Herbalism : (Ecole Lyonnaise des plantes médicinales and Cinq sens)

Cupping massage : (Doug Rasmusson, Anita Shanon method)

Breastfeeding : (LLL)

Communication : (NVC, Faber and Mazlich)


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