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A little corner of nature...

Aljezur, South Portugal

Step into our lush green oasis, Quinta do Penedo

– where nature, serenity, and relaxation await you.


Our place

Step into this verdant sanctuary, an oasis dedicated to nurturing both yourself and your well-being.

Our cozy wooden houses, enchanting yurts, rustic cabins, and nomadic tents invite you to unwind while staying seamlessly connected with the natural world that surrounds you.

In harmony with nature, we are entirely self-sufficient in energy and water, placing a strong emphasis on responsible consumption and the highest respect for our precious environment.

Here, immerse yourself fully in nature, embracing a simple and autonomous lifestyle that encourages leaving materialism behind. Discover the convenience of dry toilets, rejuvenate under the warmth of a solar shower, harness the power of solar electricity, and savor the purity of well filtered water.

Let's be responsible and protect the planet through our daily actions.

We welcome you to our fasting and detox retreats, nutrition and vitality retreats.


Prices: from €30 to €80 per night per person, depending on the accommodation chosen.

from €140 to €380 for the 6-night retreat.

This price includes reception in our private area, water and electricity in conscious use depending on the season, sheets provided. Private non-smoking areas.

Please use only natural products (cosmetics). 

Located a few km from the centre of Aljezur.

Access via a dirt track or meet at the centre for your arrival and departure.

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Tim Verhagen


WhatsApp Image 2023-09-01 at 15.08.14.jpeg

The double chalet suite

The yurt, Bela vista do Penedo

Shared spaces

2 to 4 people

2 to 4 people

Open kitchen, garden, paths, cave...

Tente romantique
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Tim Verhagen

Construire une tente

Tim Verhagen

The nomadic tent

The wooden house

natural roots

1 to 2 people

2 bedrooms for 2 or 3 people

Come with the tent or your van

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