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Naturopathy consultation

What is a naturopathic consultation?

A naturopathic consultation is a time for listening and sharing, for natural health support.
1 hour in which we talk, exchange and share, and I try to understand how you function, what your needs are, what your lifestyle is like, and where you want to go so that I can offer you natural solutions adapted to your situation.
We talk about transit, symptoms, desires, goals, pain, emotions sometimes, diet often...
I'll then draw up a personalised plan with advice to put into practice in your daily life: dietary advice, herbal teas, essential oils from plants or other plants, and little exercises adapted to your needs and desires, for example.

What's it for?

Naturopathy enables us to find natural solutions to regain or maintain a state of optimal health, vitality, energy, physical, emotional and intellectual capacity, harmony and well-being.
During a consultation, we work together to identify the priorities and areas that need to be addressed in order to regain or maintain this state of balance.
I look for the cause(s) and I don't just focus on resolving symptoms...
My approach is holistic and global, not symptomatic.

How does it work?

In practical terms:
- Online: we meet via Zoom, whattsap or other means to talk live.
A consultation lasts about 1 hour (a little longer for the 1st).
At the end of the consultation, I send you an email with your advisor and your roadmap to guide you over the next month.
I may also send you additional documents, videos or suggest that you read a book we've talked about.

- to Aljezur: if you're lucky enough to live in the south of Portugal, I'll welcome you to my yurt for a time of sharing and exchange. Just like online, except we're in the yurt!

How much does it cost?

60 €

How do I make an appointment?

Just send me a message by email or whattsap.
Give me your availability and I'll arrange a meeting.

We can speak French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

+33 6 64 23 11 38

Look the vidéo :


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