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Our retreats take place in the south of Portugal, in an enchanting setting in perfect communion with nature. It's here that I invite you to enjoy a unique experience of regeneration, an opportunity to revitalise your body in depth, while connecting intimately with the wonders of Mother nature that surround us.


Fasting Retreat

Natural healing

Immerse yourself in a personalised experience, merging harmoniously with the splendour of nature to provide a deep and lasting cleansing of your body.

I'll be at your side before, during and after your stay to create a tailor-made experience, from the initial food preparation to adapting the type of fasting, treatments and activities, as well as during the return to food. All with the aim of providing you with an unforgettable experience.


This gentle interlude offers you the opportunity to give your body a deep regeneration and detox, giving you an exceptional wellness break.

Our retreats take place in an enchanting natural setting in the south of Portugal, in communion with the elements of nature.



Private retreat
à la carte

 Join us for an personnalised experience

- Fasting retreat

- Fasting preparation and food recovery

- Natural health

- Reconnecting with nature, permaculture, ecological living, energy autonomy...

A variety of activities depending on availability, your needs and the season.

 Rawfood and cosmetics workshops, herbalism and plants collecting, immersion in aromatherapy, distillation of essential oils, nature walks and discovery of the beaches, a true communion with nature and its elements, moments of rejuvenating silence, massages and treatments for body and mind.

You can also discover the garden, the orchard and permaculture,

how to be completely self-sufficient in water and electricity,

a return to simplicity and lifestyle change.

This holistic experience is designed to deeply care for you.

You'll leave revitalised and with a wealth of ideas, tips and knowledge to incorporate into your daily life.

The "à la carte" retreat allows you to choose the options that suit you.

Alone, as a couple, with friends, with family - it's up to you!



  • Automn Fasting and Vitality Retreat
    Automn Fasting and Vitality Retreat
    Mon, 21 Oct
    21 Oct 2024, 14:00 – 27 Oct 2024, 15:00
    Aljezur, 8670 Aljezur, Portugal
    11 days 5 days of fasting and 7 days of gentle food recovery A stay in touch with nature for an in-depth detox. Price: €950 (+ 10 nights) This retreat include a Fasting retreat + Vitality Detox Rawfood retreat
  • Automn Fasting Retreat
    Automn Fasting Retreat
    Fri, 16 May
    16 May 2025, 15:00 – 27 May 2025, 17:00
    Aljezur, 8670 Aljezur, Portugal
    5 days Fasting + 2 or 6 days slow Food recovery, in the middle of the nature for a deep detox. From 450 to 950€ according to the option + 6 or 10 nights accomodation
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