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Indulge yourself in a blissful moment of relaxation and self-care to rejuvenate your spirit.

Experience my holistic and integrative massage, a unique journey where I combine various complementary treatments to tailor your massage. You'll benefit from the soothing effects of cupping therapy, the aromatic delights of essential oils, the gentle touch of hydrolats, the skilled hands of manual massage, and the revitalizing energy treatments.

Let yourself be pampered and revitalized in this exceptional sensory adventure.

This is a complementary treatment to a naturopathic consultation.

Location: Aljezur, Portugal

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1 H

Intuitive massage

Cupping, manual, aroma


3 H

Naturopathic consult + massage

- Massage 90 mins

- Consultation 90 mins

- Herbal tea, juice

*option: babysitting


1 H 30

Intuitive massage

Cupping, manual, aroma


Offer yourself a personalized massage experience in an extraordinary surroundings, skillfully blending manual techniques with the art of cupping.

My mooving cupping approach ensures the thorough release of connective tissues, fascia, lymphatic fluids, and other vital bodily elements. This method proves especially advantageous to accompany fasting, offering detoxification, cellulite reduction, circulation, chronic pain relief, scar reduction, and the removal of both physical and energetic tensions.

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