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Preparing for Pregnancy

Preparing for a pregnancy : child wish

Making the decision to have a child is not trivial. Today, it is often the result of reflection, individual reflection and reflection as a couple.

We think about the material aspects: the house, the number of bedrooms, the size of the car, the work, the logistics...
We feel a lot of emotion at the idea of becoming parents, the responsibilities that this implies, we get emotional when we see pictures of the baby.
But few parents have the reflex to prepare their bodies, their organisms to create life!

What is it? What is this story?

Preparing your body?
However, we know that making a baby is quite simple!

At the time of conception, the gametes (the spermatoz-oïde of the father and the ovum of the mother) will unite their genetics, their chromosomes.
The fertility and future health of the baby will be largely influenced by the quality of the father's and mother's gametes.
And of course, the genetic potential, the "quality" of the chromosomes will be influenced, in part, by the epigenetics of the parents, i.e. by their lifestyle.
And yes, vitality, diet, morale, physical exercise, breathing, emotions... all this will influence our reproductive systems and therefore by extension our fertility and a large part of the genetic capital that we pass on to our children.

We understand that taking care of ourselves before having a baby will be useful: this is what we call preconception preparation.

I receive couples in consultation who wish to prepare their bodies and together we establish personalised plans to optimise their health and vitality.
We make adjustments according to whether the project is short, medium or long term, depending on the vitality, involvement and motivation of each partner.

What better gift to give to your future child than this health preparation?
What better gift to give yourself?

If you have a desire for a child now or in a few years, it is never too early or too late to start.

Here are a few tips, which you should of course personalise according to your terrain to go further:
- Add life and plants! Fill up on vitamins and minerals!

Eat fruit, vegetables, sprouted seeds, algae.
Indulge yourself and enjoy healthy foods full of vitality.

- Take time to welcome your emotions, your doubts, your fears. Exchange, share, inform yourself about pregnancy, childbirth, parental guidance, communication.
Prepare yourself psycho-emotionally to change your life and welcome a child.

- Relax, meditate, spend time with your friends, go for a walk in nature.
Enjoy life and its wonders.
Let yourself be filled with joy and happiness!

- Give attention to your couple: talk about this project, your desires, your expectations. Take time and give space for a conscious sexuality, fulfilling and rich in exchanges and high vibrations.

- Take care of your body: do sports that you like, adapted to your tastes and possibilities, practice breathing exercises.
Get moving while enjoying yourself: walk in nature, go to the seaside, the mountains or the forest if possible.

- Drink quality, low mineralized water, mineralizing vegetable juices and herbal teas adapted to your needs.

The objectives of this "preconception" preparation are multiple:
- Optimise your vitality and overall health
- Boost your fertility
- Improve your genetic capital
- To know the female cycle and the fertile periods
- Prepare for a harmonious pregnancy and a natural physiological birth
- Welcoming baby in a healthy and serene environment
- Cultivate joy and harmony for today and especially for tomorrow, to best accompany your children on a daily basis

- Spermatogenesis, the manufacturing cycle of spermatozoa in men, lasts about 3 months. It is therefore essential that the father-to-be optimises his lifestyle at least three months before conception.
For the mother-to-be, depending on her condition, it is useful to make a preparation 6 to 12 months before the pregnancy.

Of course, in the case of a particular pathology and terrain, it will sometimes be necessary to make a specific preparation and to adapt the duration of this preparation.
This is the case for women with cycle disorders, who have taken hormonal contraception for several years, or who have endometriosis.
It will then be interesting to adapt the preparation in order to regain a terrain conducive to reproduction and full health.

In general, it is essential to limit :
- the many endocrine disruptors from the environment, food, cosmetics, furniture, paint, clothing and others
- stress, depression
- processed foods, additives, preservatives, acidifying food, favouring the inflammatory state of the body

To sum up, prepare your body, your heart and your head before conceiving a child for your own good, that of your child, your couple and humanity.

Nature has planned everything for us to live happily and in full health.
We just have to choose the right path, the one of love and health.

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